Office 365 and cloud storage: powerful new tools for you


You’re probably already familiar with Microsoft Office Suite products—Word, Excel and PowerPoint—and use them regularly. My UT Health intranet delivers the most recent version of Microsoft Office Suite, Office 365, featuring updates to these products, as well as other business productivity tools to aid in collaboration, file sharing and storage. There is no additional cost for all of these new features.

Office 365 offers shared file access, enabling groups to work and share documents with real-time multi-user editing.  Office 365 also allows mobility across multiple locations and portability across multiple devices. Those working in multiple locations across our campus now have access to their Office productivity tools and files from any web browser and any device using Office 365.

Launching alongside Office 365 are university-approved cloud storage options that offer online collaboration and comply with the security policies of HOP 5.8.31-Cloud Computing and HOP 5.8.21-Data Classification.

Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business cloud storage is available now and provides each University faculty, student and staff with 1 TB (1000 gigabytes) of storage at no cost. This is for storing non-sensitive data only. It is monitored by Microsoft’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to protect the university from sensitive data being inappropriately released.

The MyCloud hybrid cloud service for departmental storage of sensitive information and large files will be available in November. This low-cost hybrid service integrates storage on university servers while still providing all the benefits of cloud functionality.

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