Office of Student Life to find new home in the library

The Office of Student Life will relocate to the Briscoe Library March 15 as part of a larger initiative to gather offices of the Division of Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs into a single location. The move follows the relocation of the Registrar’s Office and Office of International Services earlier this year.

“With this move will come more accessibility for students,” said Le’Keisha Johnson, director of the Office of Student Life. “Where we were originally located in the Medical School Building, we were kind of off the beaten path, so being in a location where students are already used to going increases our accessibility to them and vice versa. It’s going to be a supportive environment for our students where they can get all of their needs met and engage with us in one place.”

The new office will be located in the main lobby area of the third floor of the library, in room 3.056. Staff will offer assistance virtually during the move, so there will be no break in services, Johnson said.

Because many students already have a collaborative relationship with the library, and because it is one of the few places on campus where students from each of the five schools regularly convene, housing the Office of Student Life and other Division of Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs offices in the library is a natural choice, said Samantha Yee, fourth-year PhD student in the Integrated Biomedical Sciences Program of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and president of the Student Government Association.

“The student body really values the working relationships we have with all the different populations on campus,” Yee said. “I think having all these offices move to the library will bring more awareness to all the different groups on campus that are helping students and trainees to have a better, more positive learning experience.”

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