Online application for visiting minors now available

The Office of Recruitment and Science Outreach is happy to announce the release of the online application for visiting minors.

By switching to an online form in Formstack to begin the application process, visiting minor applications are now received and housed in one central location, improving tracking of the individual through the process and providing a historical record that is available for reporting.

The application process has improved by minimizing manual steps where possible and improving cross-departmental processing.

Note for mentors: Mentors will need to allow for a short period of time between initiation to completion of processing to be granted access to Formstack.

Please direct any questions to Irene Chapa, PhD, executive director, Recruitment and Science Outreach ( or 210-567-3941) or Adriana Avendano, senior academic programs coordinator, Recruitment and Science Outreach, ( or 210-567-3587).


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