Policy updates you need to know – Handbook of Operating Policies (HOP)

On March 9, 2021, two new Handbook of Operating Policies (HOP) policies regarding visiting students and student volunteers in the clinical setting were approved by the Executive Committee:

·       14.2.2 Visiting Student Policy

New policy establishes expectations and requirements for students visiting UT Health San Antonio for health science education, development of advance skills and knowledge or participation in research activities.

·       14.2.3 Student Volunteers in Clinical Settings Policy

New policy codifies current practices in the student organization handbook. Clarifies the requirement that student volunteers in clinical settings are vetted through appropriate program/school processes and appropriately supervised by faculty.

Additionally, two existing policies regarding emeritus faculty and minors in the research workplace were updated:

·       3.1.3 Emeritus Policy

Change emphasizes contributions of outstanding faculty in service to institution and advancement of a faculty member’s discipline. Allows for tenured and non-tenured faculty at rank of associate professor and above to seek emeritus status and does not specify minimum length of service at UT Health San Antonio but rather prioritizes record of service.

·       8.11.1 Minors in the Research Workplace

Policy updated to define the processing, training and supervision requirements for minors conducting research activities at UT Health San Antonio.

Click on each policy to learn more. Visit the HOP website for a list of recent policy updates. Contact the Institutional Compliance and Privacy Office at compliance@uthscsa.edu or by calling (210) 567-2014 with any questions.

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