President Henrich announces COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force

Dear faculty, staff, students and residents,

As we continue to proactively fight the COVID-19 pandemic, I want you to know that we at UT Health San Antonio are preparing for the next important phase of the pandemic — the offering and administering to our faculty, staff, students, residents and patients of COVID-19 vaccines, as they become available.

In that regard, I have named a multidisciplinary and highly experienced 29-member task force to be co-chaired by Tom Patterson, MD, Chief, Infectious Diseases, and Mike Charlton, PhD, AVP for Risk Management & Safety, Environmental Health & Safety, who will rigorously review and assess FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines. These science-based physicians and leaders will prepare the many details required to administer the vaccine, when they become available.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Assessment and Access Task Force will keep me closely apprised of their deliberations so that I can report progress to you. At this time, we do not yet know when we will have vaccines for our use, but we will do everything possible to receive an allotment at the earliest possible time.

In the meantime, I urge you to continue wearing your mask, to maintain appropriate personal distance, to wash your hands frequently and to avoid unnecessary indoor gatherings as this virus is once again gaining a stronger foothold in our community. The efficacy of these preventive measures has been proven and, until a vaccine is available and administered, these are the very best lines of defense.

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns that you would like the task force to address. You may also connect directly with me or Drs. Patterson or Charlton.

With great appreciation for all your efforts and best wishes for a happy and safe Thanksgiving,

William L. Henrich, MD, MACP

President and Professor of Medicine

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