Presidential Award winner: Adelita G. Cantu, Ph.D., RN

Adelita Cantu

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Teaching Excellence Awards

Adelita G. Cantu, Ph.D., RN, associate professor, Department of Family and Community Health Systems, School of Nursing

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Remarks by Dr. Henrich at the March 22 awards dinner:

“As an assistant professor in the Department of Family and Community Health Systems in the School of Nursing, Dr. Adelita Cantu is vigilant about learning and is open to new ideas for teaching and learning for both herself and her students. Her passion is a healthy community and making a difference in students’ perception of health and healthcare provision in community settings as well as for individuals and families living there. Her teaching has allowed her to combine practice and scholarship in a unique way that comprises both the academic setting and the community setting. The different techniques and styles she uses in poverty simulation, online self-study modules, community assessment and intervention projects, guest lectures and social media assure a rich learning environment in which students develop their potential to succeed in the future.”

From the nominating letter by Giovanni Com, R.N., graduate student, School of Nursing:

“Passionate and compassionate people like Dr. Cantu make a difference not only in the San Antonio community, but also in the Health Science Center’s. She not only takes care of her class, but also the well-being of her students, knowing that education has to transcend throughout the new generation of nurses. Inspired by her diligent work and her humble attitude toward life, I am in the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner program.”

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