Presidential Award winner: Andrew E. Muck, M.D.

Andrew Muck, M.D.
Andrew Muck, M.D.

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Teaching Excellence Award

Andrew E. Muck, M.D., associate professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, associate program director, Emergency Medicine Residency, director, Global Health Emergency Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine, School of Medicine

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Remarks by Dr. Henrich at the March 22 awards dinner:

“With experience in the Centers for Disease Control and service in Air Force, Dr. Andrew Muck’s ability to teach is inspiring to residents and colleagues alike. As the Associate Program Director of the Emergency Medicine Residency Program, he has pushed residents outside of their comfort zones to teach them autonomy and how to make decisions independently. In addition to developing a global health elective to provide opportunities for residents to offer care in third-world countries, he directs a student-run free clinic for refugees from across the world. He has the ability to captivate students of all healthcare professions, and he turns every incorrect answer into a teaching point, encouraging a culture conducive to exploring new ideas. Dr. Muck’s students report that he has played a major role in preparing them for their careers and has motivated them to strive and achieve higher standards in patient care and global health.”

From the nominating letter by Duncan Hansing, D.O., resident, School of Medicine:

“Conferences are a notoriously boring and monotonous requirement of most residency programs, but not in the Department of Emergency Medicine. Our
conferences are well thought out, multifaceted educational experiences that go beyond just sitting through lectures. This is largely thanks to Dr. Muck, who has championed our relatively young program’s formal curriculum and invested substantial amounts of time into coordinating our conferences.”

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