Presidential Award winner: Daniel Lawrence Dent, M.D.

Daniel Dent, M.D.

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Teaching Excellence Awards

Daniel Lawrence Dent, M.D., clinical professor, Department of Surgery, School of Medicine

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Remarks by Dr. Henrich at the March 22 awards dinner:

“Dr. Daniel Dent, a clinical professor in the Department of Surgery, distinguishes himself with his engaging teaching style. Regardless whether a person is the most junior medical student or the most senior resident in the room, no one is exempt from having a teachable moment with Dr. Dent. A long known secret among students and residents alike is that while an “I do not know” response may earn oneself an easy out or a free pass with many faculty, it does not with Dr. Dent. With him there is accountability and an unwavering dedication to educate. At resident didactic sessions, he systematically goes down the row, questioning one resident after another to ensure everyone’s accountability and engagement. This interactive approach supports a culture of self-directed learning and a sense of ownership for education among the residents.”

From the nominating letter by Grace Hsiung, M.D., research fellow and general surgery resident, School of Medicine:

“One of my most impactful teaching moments occurred when I was barely an intern. I was tasked with deciding whether my patient needed to go to surgery. Dr. Dent transformed the conversation into a sentinel teaching moment, asking me what I wanted to do. Recognizing my reluctance and fear of being wrong, Dr. Dent patiently encouraged me, capitalizing on my reasoning skills to think critically for myself. That was the first time I felt like a surgeon.”

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