Presidential Award winner: Herlinda Howard

Herlinda Howard

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Employee Excellence Award

Herlinda Howard, business administrator, Office of the Vice President for Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs, Briscoe Library

President's Awards 2017 from UT Health Science Center on Vimeo.

Remarks by Dr. Henrich at the March 6 awards dinner:

“Ms. Howard has the dual responsibility as the financial administrator for the Libraries at UT Health and for the Office of the Vice President for Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs. She is known for her financial acumen, her ability to work with people in a respectful and cheerful manner, and her problem solving skills. Recently, she added to her responsibility the careful preparation of the Student Services Fees budget, which is a regulated student revenue source that involves many important details. She takes on the obligations of institutional financial accountability and stewardship with extreme conscientiousness. Ms. Howard has served UT Health for many years and has become a resource for others seeking guidance and training in administrative, financial and human resources-related areas. She treats everyone she serves as a valued customer and is always ready to lend cheerful assistance. Herlinda, I am very pleased to present this Presidential Employee Excellence Award to you.”

From the nominating letter by Owen Ellard, Senior Director, Libraries:

“Throughout her tenure, Herlinda has honed her leadership abilities as she has assumed roles of greater responsibility. Given the changing environment with business applications at UT Health San Antonio, she is required to constantly reframe her approach to her work, which she does with great success. She acquires the needed skills and training prior to the implementation of a business process. She has become a resource for others seeking guidance and training. Herlinda views every staff member within the institution as customers, and is a tremendous resource for those seeking assistance and guidance. She is extremely conscientious in making sure that institutional policy and financial controls are followed, as it is vital to successful audits or reviews at the institutional level.”

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