Presidential Award winner: Ildiko Agoston, M.D., FACC, FASE

Ildiko Agoston

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Clinical Excellence Awards

Ildiko Agoston, M.D., FACC, FASE, associate professor/clinical, medical director, Cardiology Clinic at the MARC, medical director, Women’s Comprehensive Health Institute, Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, School of Medicine

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Remarks by Dr. Henrich at the March 22 awards dinner:

“As founder and inaugural medical director of the Women’s Comprehensive Health Institute, Dr. Ildiko Agoston provides convenient and tailored services to women of all ages in a one-stop shop experience. As medical director of the Cardiology Clinic at the MARC, she furthers our clinical mission to the highest level of care and compassion. She adds critical experience in the arena of cardiovascular non-invasive and nuclear imaging. Through her expertise, she has improved access for studies in these areas, and has allowed UT Medicine to offer expanded services and has improved diagnostic accuracy. Dr. Agoston is highly devoted to her patients, and never fails to impress them with her energy, clinical skills and breadth of knowledge.”

From the nominating letter by Harriet Marmon Helmle, patient:

“After a casual conversation with Mary Henrich, I found myself in Dr. Agoston’s office. Her questions were spot on and she did not run a bunch of tests I recently had; she took the time to study the results and connected all the dots. She educated me on what I could expect and what I needed to pay attention to. When I left my first appointment, I could tell that I was in extremely capable hands with a physician who not only cared about me, but also her community and profession.”

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