Presidential Award winner: Michael Hamilton

Michael Hamilton
Michael Hamilton

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Employee Excellence Award

Michael Hamilton, work control coordinator associate, Facilities Management

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Remarks by Dr. Henrich at the March 22 awards dinner:

“Often the success of events on and off campus start with the exceptional work of Mike Hamilton. Mike is especially helpful because he is detail-oriented. He doesn’t restrict himself or his team to a job description but goes out of his way to help with whatever is needed, even if it is beyond his scope of duties. In his 16 years with the Health Science Center, he has had perfect attendance— and often works early mornings, evenings and weekends. On his own time, Mike takes the time to mentor and provide career guidance to some of his fellow employees. When an interest is shown in employees, it improves morale and raises self-esteem. Many thanks, Mike, for your efforts and congratulations.”

From the nominating letter by Janice Smith, assistant to the dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences:

“Mike’s unique distinctiveness is that he is the employee every employer wished they had working for their organization. From week long recruitment activities,
to commencements, to employee picnics for 3,000, he has been instrumental in the success of these events, diligently working behind the scenes. He remains calm even in the midst of chaos and earns the respect of his colleagues and university clients through his quest for excellence in all that he does.”

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