Presidential Award winner: Richard Gallardo, M.B.A.

Richard Gallardo, M.B.A.
Richard Gallardo, M.B.A.

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Employee Excellence Award

Richard Gallardo, M.B.A., senior payroll manager, Payroll Services

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Remarks by Dr. Henrich at the March 22 awards dinner:

“Issuing checks for more than 6,000 employees every month and without errors is no easy task. However, employees can rest assured knowing that their payroll will be processed accurately and on time because of the dedicated efforts of Richard Gallardo. Richard is analytical and has produced numerous reports and queries to improve our payroll processes. He manages all staff in the Payroll Office in such a way that they are highly productive and motivated. He is an effective coach and instructor, and the smooth working relationships with the office and campus community provide evidence of Richard’s influence. For more than 13 years, he has proven himself to be extremely loyal, dependable and dedicated to our mission.”

From the nominating letter by Serena Brooks, director, Payroll Services:

“Richard is not afraid to jump in and improve processes when necessary. His commitment to making things better in our office is immeasurable to us and countless others. He implemented our current process in the submission of our child support payments to the State of Texas Attorney General’s Office. This new process expedited our outgoing payments and has ensured that support payments reach target families in a timely manner.”
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