Presidential Award winner: Sean E. Garcia, M.D., FHM

Sean Garcia, M.D.

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Teaching Excellence Award

Sean E. Garcia, M.D., FHM, associate professor, Division of General and Hospital Medicine, Department of Medicine, Joe R. & Teresa Lozano Long School of Medicine

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Remarks by Dr. Henrich at the March 6 awards dinner:

“Dr. Garcia is an associate professor in general and hospital medicine in the Long School of Medicine with an outstanding reputation as a teacher, particularly in preclinical education. He has received numerous honors and awards for teaching since joining the faculty in 2003.  In both 2004 and 2005, medical students named him Outstanding Faculty Member. He has also been a longtime advocate of interprofessional education in clinical settings in order to improve communication and collaboration between health care providers and so achieve the best patient outcomes. His approach while attending on wards is to create a safe and approachable environment for learning, and being personally involved in his students’ goals, interests and attitudes. He says he is powerfully motivated by “being able to see a student transform based on my guidance.” Dr. Garcia teaches many levels of students in a nurturing manner, and truly defines a “medical educator” who inspires students to excel in both their professional and personal lives. So, my heartiest congratulations to you, Dr. Garcia, for earning this Presidential Teaching Excellence Award.”

From the nominating letter by Robert M. Esterl Jr., M.D., associate dean, Undergraduate Medical Education:

“Dr. Garcia is an extremely vital member of the medical school’s teaching faculty, and most of his activities fulfill the educational mission of the medical school. A huge portion of his educational effort positively impacts ALL students in the preclinical curriculum, so they are extremely well prepared for their USMLE Step 1, their clinical rotations and their residency training programs. Sean teaches many levels of learners quality patient care on the medicine wards in a very nurturing way, and he provides interactive didactic sessions that are incredibly beneficial for all learners in the clinical setting. He defines the role model ‘medical educator,’ who really inspires all types of learners to achieve maximum potential in their professional and personal lives.”

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