Prostate cancer program participants to get free Alamo Bowl tickets

San Antonio (Oct. 16, 2003) – Go on the offensive against prostate cancer this fall and you’ll receive two free tickets to the 2003 MasterCard Alamo Bowl.

Men who are 40 or older or have one or more risk factors for prostate cancer are invited to enroll in the SABOR study at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. In San Antonio, call (210) 567-0214. Elsewhere in South Texas, call the SABOR toll-free number, 1-800-335-4594. Be sure to tell the operator you want to schedule an appointment with the “Know Your Score” program.


This healthy pigskin offer is made possible by the generosity of the MasterCard Alamo Bowl, H-E-B  and the American Cancer Society. SABOR is short for San Antonio Center of  Biomarkers of Risk for Prostate Cancer, a study in the department of  surgery/division of urology at the Health Science Center. Ian M. Thompson,  M.D., is the principal investigator.

Risk factors for prostate cancer include age, ethnicity, and having a father or  brother who had prostate cancer at an early age. Among ethnic groups, African Americans have the highest risk of prostate cancer. SABOR is a long-term study that seeks to identify distinguishing genetic signatures that confer higher risk of prostate cancer in minority and Caucasian men.

The 2003 MasterCard Alamo Bowl is set for Monday, Dec. 29, at the Alamodome. Each SABOR enrollee must come to his screening appointment by Dec. 19 to be eligible for the tickets.

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