QR code reporting allows for fast fix of Wi-Fi outage


As part of a university-wide initiative to ensure seamless, sustained access to online resources across campus, the university launched a QR code survey in January 2024, allowing students to report in-the-moment feedback about their connectivity issues. Not only has the survey feedback helped to identify what kind of connectivity issues students experience, but it has also served as a way to alert network outages in real time, resulting in quicker response times.

One such occasion was on April 22, when an unexpected outage in the network resulted in the loss of Wi-Fi service to one of the large lecture halls. With a sudden uptick in the QR code survey reporting coming in, the team became instantly aware of the issue and was able to restore service in just 74 minutes.

“We’ve built a system that can respond very quickly and has a real impact in the quality of service we can provide,” said Deborah Conway, MD, vice dean for undergraduate medical education. “We encourage students to keep reporting any network issues they experience through the QR code surveys.”

Other university-wide measures to improve wireless connectivity have included upgrading the cellular network to 5G, modernizing audiovisual equipment and installing more than 300 new Wi-Fi access points throughout the campus.

QR code surveys can be found on orange flyers, banners and small, square stickers posted around campus. Scanning the QR code will take you to a very brief survey where you can report connectivity issues in seconds, helping the university to continue implementing targeted solutions to ensure reliable internet connection.

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