Research journey shared at The Health Cell State of the Industry event

Extending organ and limb viability could vastly improve the numbers of successful transplants and organ replacements. Leonid Bunegin, B.S., associate professor in the Department of Anesthesiology, shared how he created a device to preserve tissue longer at The Health Cell State of the Industry dinner Feb. 11.

The annual event celebrates San Antonio’s health care and bioscience industry.

Bunegin’s presentation was one of the five inspirational stories shared throughout the evening. He discussed his creation of an organ and limb preservation device, called the Universal Limb/Organ Stasis System for Extended Storage, or ULiSSES™. Lab tests indicate that the device can preserve tissue for more than 24 hours, far longer than current methods.

Watch this video to learn about the innovation impact of UT Health San Antonio and its research partners.

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