Share your salutes and sentiments

Ever wish there was a way to recognize your colleagues publicly for a job well done, or wish them a happy birthday or express condolences on a loss? Well, now there is.

Your workplace intranet, My UT Health, is rolling out a new feature called Salutes & Sentiments.

The purpose of Salutes & Sentiments is to allow faculty, staff and students the opportunity to publish messages of encouragement or support for members of our university family on the occasions of the celebration of birthdays, employment anniversaries, awards and achievements, upcoming retirements or other milestones.

Salutes & Sentiments can also be used to convey condolences or tributes that honor our colleagues and friends.

Categories include congratulations, condolences, milestones and well wishes.

Messages should be short and the duration of the post can be two weeks, one month or three months. Users can edit and delete their own messages.

You do not need to include your name, but posts should be considerate and respectful.

Review the posting policy here.

Take a look at Salutes & Sentiments and create your own message.

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