Staff Emergency Fund available to help employees with financial hardship

When a UT Health San Antonio employee faces a temporary financial hardship caused by an emergency or non-emergent situation, the UT Health San Antonio Staff Emergency Fund may help.

“Anyone can encounter challenging financial times with changing circumstances,” said Cindi Adcock, community engagement and special projects coordinator. “When this happens, reaching out for a little help can make all the difference in the world. This was the case with grateful UT Health San Antonio employees who expressed appreciation for the enormous impact the funds made in their lives. It’s heartwarming to know that when they needed these funds, our employees received the extra help.”

The fund – made possible by the support of employee donations, efforts of the State Employee Charitable Campaign and the Staff Advisory Council – is intended to provide limited financial assistance when a UT Health San Antonio staff member is unable to meet immediate and essential expenses due a temporary hardship. The maximum award amount is up to $500 taxable dollars.

Examples of specific, time-limited events that can cause financial hardships include the death of a family member, a fire, an accident, serious illness or serious injury.

When submitting an application, please provide supporting documentation. Funds granted to each recipient are counted as income and are subject to federal taxes.

Apply for Staff Emergency funds:

If you have a qualifying need and would like to apply for emergency funds, please find complete details and an application on the Staff Emergency Fund website. You can also view the website for all situations that are allowable.

To learn more about the UT Health San Antonio Staff Emergency Fund and how it has helped employees facing financial hardships, watch this video.



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