Faculty, staff engagement surveys announced

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Health Science Center faculty and staff are being asked to participate in engagement surveys, beginning in June.

The AAMC Faculty Forward Engagement Survey launched June 7. Faculty Forward is a partnership between the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and member medical schools around the country focusing on measuring and enhancing medical school faculty engagement.

Janet F. Williams, M.D., FAAP, professor of pediatrics and associate dean for faculty in  the School of Medicine, is leading the faculty engagement effort.

The Office of Human Resources is coordinating a similar survey for staff from June 13 through July 1.

Below is the memorandum explaining the Staff Engagement Survey.


To:                  UT Health Science Center Staff

From:             Mike Black, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Mike Tesh, Vice President, Human Resources

Date:              June 1, 2016

Re:                  Requesting Your Participation – Staff Engagement Survey

The UT Health Science Center will soon undertake an important initiative in launching a Staff Engagement Survey. We are requesting your support and participation in this effort to learn more from our valued employees and to work together in the pursuit of an ever-improving work environment.

We have enlisted an outside partner (Sibson/ModernThink) to administer a completely confidential Staff Engagement Survey for the Health Science Center.  This survey is crucial as we grow the organization and focus on the things that really matter to Staff. The launch of the Staff Engagement Survey is scheduled for June 13, 2016 and will run through July 1, 2016. The President’s Office has asked Human Resources to support the work with Sibson/ModernThink on this very important initiative.

Here’s how we need your help:

  • Please complete the survey. The survey will be available through a confidential link provided in an email sent to you. For those who do not have email access, kiosks will be available in convenient locations across the Health Science Center. For more details regarding kiosk availability, please call the Office of Human Resources at 567-2600. The survey will be available in both English and Spanish.
  • Please participate in the discussions and presentations that will be held following the survey. Look for more information to come on dates/times.
  • The results will be distributed to the President, Deans and Vice Presidents and will include aggregated data for the survey questions and additional comments if any were provided. We have enlisted Sibson/ModernThink to ensure that all responses are anonymous. We are committed to a supportive and safe environment for all Staff to provide input on the things that are important to you.
  • Please encourage your colleagues and co-workers to participate. All input matters.
  • The intent is to conduct the Staff Engagement Survey every two years and strive for continuous improvement in building a culture of a highly engaged workforce. This year’s survey will provide an important first step in this process. Only by expressing your opinion on things that are important to you can we align, prioritize and work together towards improvement.

More information will be forthcoming via email and on our web page. The survey will be easy to fill out and should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. It will provide both multiple choice and open-ended questions to express what is really important to you.

Responses from the Staff Engagement Survey will be compiled in July with reports for each department/clinic/lab available beginning in August. Each of the respective Schools and areas by Vice President will then be able to conduct follow up discussions for their respective Staff.

We strongly encourage your participation and appreciate your time in sharing your thoughts. We are at a pivotal time in the history of the Health Science Center as we expand our missions of education, research and patient care. Your feedback is a most important element.

As an additional incentive, we will be drawing three (3) winners for an Apple iPad Mini  (16GB) for those employees who complete the survey. To ensure the anonymity of your responses, winners will be selected after the survey is completed with no linkage to your submission.

There is additional information available on the HR web page at http://uthscsa.edu/hr/inside/. Let us express our sincere appreciation for your input. Please feel comfortable in sending any questions or comments on the Staff Engagement Survey to either of us.

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