Stars and Shields Spotlight: Alexandra Rodriguez

As a child and adolescent, Alexandra Rodriguez spent a significant time in and out of hospitals suffering from epilepsy. But in 2007, she underwent two major brain surgeries that have allowed her to be seizure-free to this day. She came out of the experience inspired by the nurses and physicians who made a great impact on her life, and knew she wanted to work in healthcare to be able to do the same for others.

Alexandra Rodriguez
Rodriguez graduated from Schreiner University with a nursing degree in 2009 and began her career at a private family practice in Boerne before joining UT Health San Antonio in June 2014.

Today, Rodriguez has fulfilled her aspiration as a licensed vocational nurse. She works with physicians in Nephrology and Infectious Diseases, spending much of her day in clinic or sometimes assisting with patient communication. She is no stranger to excellent patient care. In 2020, she was a Gold Shield Award recipient and received patient satisfaction awards. Rodriguez says she is proud to know she has made a positive impact in others’ lives.

“It’s very busy but every day is different, and I love that,” Rodriguez said. “My wonderful coworkers and patients are my favorite thing about the job. They make going to work every day such a joy. I am truly blessed to work with such positive and inspiring individuals.”

Rodriguez is especially thankful for the physicians she has had the opportunity to work with at UT Health because she has obtained a wealth of knowledge working alongside them. She described them as “the greatest mentors and role models I could ask for.” As a healthcare worker during COVID-19, Rodriguez not only recognizes the circumstances under which herself and her colleagues have provided care, but also the circumstances and struggles of others. To that end, her care for others extends beyond the clinic.

“If I was given a million dollars, I would first treat all my coworkers to a vacation—because we need it after this crazy year,” she said. “With the rest I would help as many San Antonio families that have been affected by COVID-19 as possible.”

In January 2020, Rodriguez welcomed her first child. While she had her challenges as a new mother during the pandemic—one of them being returning from maternity leave in March

Alexandra Rodriguez arms crossed

2020—she was ultimately glad that no one in her household contracted the COVID-19 virus, something she attributes to the safety measures implemented by UT Health early on.

“I’m now back to working full-time, but I have a new one-year-old at home,” Rodriguez said. “Every free minute I have I spend with my daughter. Watching her learn new things is my favorite hobby right now!”

While Rodriguez has fulfilled her aspiration of working in healthcare, she doesn’t plan on stopping there. In the future, she plans to further her studies to become a registered nurse. “I would love to be able to continue working with UT Health as a clinic manager once I further my education,” she said.

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