Stars and Shields Spotlight: Maria Guerrero

Maria Guerrero
Guerrero attended the Southwest School of Business for her Medical Assistant Certification. She has worked for an endocrinologist, at a primary care center, and now with Urology at UT Health Physicians. She has been with the UT Health team for more than six years.

As a person who likes to help others, a career in health care was a natural choice for Maria Guerrero. With administrative experience in various fields of the health care industry, Guerrero now supervises the day-to-day administrative and clinical area at UT Health Physician’s urology practice, ensuring patient care and operational policies run smoothly.

“A day in my professional life is busy, fun and I learn something new every day,” Guerrero said. “My favorite part about my job is being able to attend to patients’ needs and assist providers and staff.”

A self-proclaimed “Ariel”, Guerrero says she’s most like The Little Mermaid because they are both always wanting to help others and putting others’ needs before their own. Guerrero is also hardworking. She says that if she could give her 15-year-old self a single piece of advice, it would be that “hard work pays off, so never give up.”

Guerrero has made an impact in her time at UT Health San Antonio, receiving the prestigious Gold Shield Award in 2020. She says she is thankful for her mentors and role models at work who have helped her along the way—Mary Lou Jew, Dr. Stephen Kraus, PA-C Monica Chapman, and all the urology providers.

“The fear of the unknown was present while working in health care over the last year, but now I’ve grown to be cautious and aware not to expose my family to COVID-19,” Guerrero said. “My proudest accomplishments are my kids and being able to help maintain and manage the urology practice.”

Maria Guerrero casual pose

Guerrero sees her current career as one of the constants in her life. In five years, she hopes to continue to work with UT Health, being able to service and care for the San Antonio community. She says the other things that will never change are her love of country music, her plans to spend time with her family, and enjoying watching her kids play sports and do the activities they love. She does, however, hope she can make it to Hawaii one day to enjoy the weather, beaches and relaxation.

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