State Employee Charitable Campaign coming soon

State Employee Charitable Campaign coming soon

UT Health San Antonio’s annual State Employee Charitable Campaign, the opportunity to help make lives better for thousands of our neighbors, will begin Sept. 5 and run through Oct. 6. The goal this year is $375,000.

The SECC, the state’s version of the United Way, allows employees to provide financial support to dozens of charities of our choice that assist and empower those who are struggling during a difficult time in their life. Other agencies support animal causes, the arts, in areas of communications, global assistance and more.

Through the SECC, we have an opportunity to honor our institution’s fourth mission: to serve and engage in our community. UT Health San Antonio has a strong tradition of generously giving back, across our community, to make better the lives of men, women, children, teens and seniors, through a multitude of worthy causes.

Watch this video on one way SECC funds are used.

Stay tuned for more information. And please consider how you can makes lives better through the SECC.

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