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This is the final week of the annual State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC), the opportunity to help make lives better. The campaign ends Oct. 7. The Health Science Center goal this year is $410,000, but as of Oct. 3, only 75 percent of the total has been pledged.

The SECC, the state’s version of the United Way, allows employees to provide financial support to dozens of charities of our choice that assist and empowers those who are struggling during a difficult time in their life. Other agencies support animal causes, the arts, in areas of communications, global assistance and more.

“The SECC offers the opportunity to provide financial support to any SECC charity of your choice. These SECC agencies assist and empower those that are struggling during a difficult time in their life,” said Dr. William and Mrs. Mary Henrich, SECC co-chairs. “The need in San Antonio is great and there are a variety of agency choices and a handful of agencies that directly benefit the HSC. For example, the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio Staff Emergency Fund, created to benefit our staff members who are facing a temporary financial hardship, or the CTRC Council, an organization which supports our own Cancer Therapy & Research Center. No matter where you decided to donate, your contribution to any of the 500+ SECC charities will certainly make a difference.”

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