Streamlined IT Service Catalog

The recently released My Service Center now includes an IT Service Catalog to make services easier to find, understand and request.

A part of the Enterprise Design for Growth and Effectiveness (EDGE), this is another one of the continuous improvement steps that will take place over the coming months.

The IT Service Catalog has been streamlined and services are better categorized. Titles and descriptions have been improved based on user feedback.

Expanded descriptions now include complete information regarding the type of request, so the user understands what to request and what to include in the request.

Some request types have been combined to clarify and reduce confusion. Some requests now have cascading prompts which expand or contract based on response to questions, directing the user to provide specific information relevant to that request.

IT Service CatalogFrom the How can we help? page, click on the IT Services button on the menu bar. That will take you to the new IT Service page that contains links to popular services, self-help articles, past ticket requests and contact information for support.

There is a link to chat online with the IMS Service desk. Click the All Services button to see the newly reorganized and streamlined IT Service Catalog.

Streamlined IT Service Catalog is the first of many steps to update My Service Center over the next few months, as the EDGE initiative advances.

My Service Center, the one-stop location to obtain campus administrative services, will eventually include Financial Services, Human Resource services, Marketing & Communications services, as well as existing Information Technology services.

Each update will add services or make administrative services work better so you can make lives better.

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