It’s Stroke Awareness Month — how are your carotid arteries?


Atherosclerosis (or hardening) of the internal carotid artery is a major cause of stroke, and some people such as diabetics and smokers are more at risk for carotid disease than others.

During May, which is National Stroke Awareness Month, UT Health San Antonio’s vascular surgery division is offering complementary carotid vascular screenings for individuals who are at risk.

Call 210-450-9888 to complete a telephone questionnaire and determine if you are a candidate for a free carotid screening.

Blood flows to the brain, face and neck through the carotid arteries, one on the left side of the neck and the other on the right side.

Each carotid artery splits into two sections, the internal carotid artery, which supplies blood to the brain, and the external carotid artery, which supplies the neck and face.

The term stroke is used to describe damage to brain tissue that occurs when the brain’s blood supply is depleted.

UT Health’s team of expert neurosurgeons and neurologists who lead San Antonio’s comprehensive stroke center urge you to learn the F.A.S.T. acronym that is used to describe the most common symptoms associated with a stroke.

F- Drooping on one side of the FACE

A – When raising both ARMS, one arm drifts downward.

S – Slurred or confused SPEECH

T – TIME is the most important factor in successfully treating stroke.

Call 911 if you or someone else exhibits any of these signs. Also, make note of the time that symptoms began, and relay that time to emergency responders.

Learn more about stroke at the UT Health website.

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