System initiative aids in multi-site clinical trials

Clinical Trials Xpress (CTX) is an initiative of the University of Texas System established to provide an efficient and scalable centralized operating model for conducting multi-site clinical trials. This collaboration brings together premier academic institutions, physician investigators and experienced research professionals under a shared vision to accelerate the pace of clinical trials from concept to completion.

The institutions include UT Health and MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, UT Medical Branch in Galveston, UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas and UT Health in San Antonio. The CTX Network infrastructure allows for expansion to other UT and non-UT institutions to participate in the CTX portfolio of clinical trials.

The goal is to leverage UT resources, shared informatics tools and operational best practices and rapidly identify sites and physician investigators for fast-track implementation of multi-site clinical trials.

Learn more about how to engage CTX for multi-site clinical trials and establish strategic relationships.

CTX Flyer Final

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