Therapy Animals of San Antonio

If these furry faces look familiar to you, it’s likely because you’ve seen them around our campus. Meet the Therapy Animals of San Antonio (TASA), a fun and friendly group who love bringing smiles to our students!

TASA’s mission is to bring animals and people together for healing, something they’ve been excelling at for more than 30 years. While these animals and their handlers can often be seen visiting our students during stressful times, they also serve the San Antonio community as a whole. TASA visits with various populations, ranging from schools to hospitals to other care facilities.

It’s been shown that petting a dog or cat can lower your blood pressure and decrease your cortisol, or stress hormone, levels. These changes alone are enough to make a profound impact on one’s day, and over time, one’s life. As therapy animals become more popular in the health care community, we’re excited to see how their presence will promote healing and happiness in everyone they encounter.

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