Cardiovascular Disease


Health leaders welcome FDA action on e-cigarettes

May 6, 2016

Action by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) May 5 to regulate e-cigarettes and vaping in the same way as cigarettes and smokeless tobacco is “a welcome step toward reducing the nation’s cancer burden,” said Ian M. Thompson Jr., M.D., director of the Cancer Therapy & Research Center (CTRC) at the Health Science Center. […]

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MedPage Today: SCAI: Women Less Likely to Die After TAVR

April 25, 2016

Women had fewer deaths after transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) than men, despite near-doubled risk for in-hospital vascular complications, a late-breaking study here suggested. Read the full story at MedPage Today

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News 4: Doctors still implanting life-saving medical device, despite risk and FDA warning

February 9, 2016

A medical device implanted in nearly a quarter of a million patients each year who are at a higher risk for blood clots, has proven fatal in dozens of cases.  Kelsie Kriese, 26, had one implanted at the age of 19 after a tragic accident. Watch the video at News 4

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KENS 5: Heart surgery helped man breathe easy again

February 8, 2016

Gerald Nuckols had a long career as a carnival worker, but his health forced him to retire. “I couldn’t walk a block without stopping and resting,” Nuckols said. Watch the full story at KENS 5

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KSAT 12: Why heart health is so important for women

February 8, 2016

An estimated 44 million women in the U.S. are affected by cardiovascular diseases. That statistic is why Dr. Ildiko Agoston, from the University of Texas Health Science Center, is trying to make sure women understand the importance of taking care of themselves. Watch the full story at KSAT 12

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MD News: University Health System’sHeart and Vascular Institute: Tailoring treatment to each patient

February 7, 2016

Joanne Brewer was the proverbial picture of health for most of her life. “I was one of those healthy people who didn’t use any of my health insurance, and I hated like heck to have to pay for it,” the 73-year-old retired educator says. “I wasn’t overweight, did not have high blood pressure and never […]

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