High School Programs

Students to learn how the body works at Med Ed Physical Therapy Summer Camp

July 21, 2009

Twenty-five Laredo area high school students will learn about bones, joints and muscles, and how physical therapists help patients recover from injuries.

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Voelcker Academy trains next generation of San Antonio scientists

July 20, 2009

Twenty-two high school sophomores learn the fundamentals of sophisticated laboratory techniques at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

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High school students gain hands-on experience at Forensic Toxicology Camp July 6-10

July 7, 2009

Students learn about various career choices from experts in the field of health professions, and gain specific knowledge and hands-on experience in the field of forensic toxicology.

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West Side middle schoolers restore park for their community

July 3, 2009

The project is intended to give kids pride in their community and raise their self-esteem so they will have the confidence to make healthier choices for themselves.

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UT Health Science Center Med Ed Camp offers high school students hands-on science activities

June 9, 2009

Twenty-five Laredo area high school students will learn about the dental hygiene profession through hands-on activities, including the application of a dental sealant on a model of a tooth.

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Teens to conduct cutting-edge biomedical research at Voelcker Academy

April 16, 2009

Twenty rising sophomores will become the inaugural class of the Max and Minnie Tomerlin Voelcker Biomedical Research Academy.

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