Updated information on campus access

Over the last 14 months, UT Health San Antonio has restricted entry locations and required badge access at all university buildings. As we welcome more of our faculty, staff and students back to campus, some access restrictions will be eased, which will increase the number of access/entry points.

Effective May 3, 2021, main entrances and public-facing doors will now be accessible to all eliminating badge access for entry. Interior, rear or side doors not intended for public access and all previously card access only doors will remain card access only. For example, the entrance to the School of Dentistry from the former Texas Star Café will remain card access only.

In accordance with HOP 8.7.10 Identification Card Policy, all access ID cardholders must wear their ID at all times while on property owned or under Health Science Center jurisdiction. For ease of entry, please ensure you always have your ID badge.

Please note existing screening processes upon building entry remain in place. UT Health San Antonio and all of its locations continue to follow all COVID-19 safety protocols, including the requirement to wear masks.

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