UT Health San Antonio launches new home page

UT Health San Antonio has launched a new university home page for its website. The decision to update the site was spurred by the university’s rebranding initiative, which launched last year.

At the same time, the website introduced a new patient-care landing page.

It is strategically critical for us as a university to offer a digital approach and messaging that emphasizes the complementary nature of our missions of research, education, health care and community service, while also focusing on our prospective patient audience.

A newly designed patient-care landing home page shows the breadth of all UT Health patient-care practices, including UT Dentistry, UT Health Cancer Center, UT Health Physicians and, potentially, the UT Health Nursing practice.

Market testing found that patients responded positively to a separate landing page, calling it “professional,” “less cluttered,” and easier to find a provider. The patient-focused language and imagery connected better with the specific interests of this audience.

The new pages allow for campaign-aligned banners that will prominently tie the home pages to the current marketing emphases, campaigns and messaging that our audiences are seeing in other media and in the community.

Site visitors will have easy-to-navigate destinations, allowing them to find what they need more quickly. This enhancement will provide faculty, staff, students, researchers and patients with an improved digital experience overall.

Quick facts on the home pages will show the strengths of various aspects of UT Health, as well as the accomplishments of our faculty, staff and students in an effort to build and support the audience’s perception of our value.

A detailed calendar of events anchors the page to highlight events that are for the community and demonstrate the university’s commitment to the San Antonio area.


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