UT Health San Antonio well represented at military health symposium

Ken Hargreaves, M.D., Ph.D., receives the Individual Investigator Award from Vice Admiral Raquel Bono.

UT Health San Antonio sent a number of faculty and students to the  recent Military Health System Research Symposium, a four-day educational symposium that drew approximately 3,000 attendees to Kissimmee, Florida, to learn about military medical research.

The annual symposium is considered the premier scientific meeting of the Department of Defense. It focuses on the unique medical needs of the military and fosters the exchange of information and collaboration among military researchers, civilian researchers and related industries.

Susanna Nicholson M.D., gave a podium presentation on “Does Blood Transfusion Preserve the Gut Microbiome After Trauma: A Prospective, Clinical Study in Severely Injured Patients”

UT Health participants included:

  • Ken Hargreaves, M.D., Ph.D., received the Individual Investigator Award for his work with “Non Opioid Analgesics for Combat Casualty Care”
  • Roxana Delgado, Ph.D.—Podium presentation on “Health Related Characteristics in a Cohort of Military Caregivers”
  • Randy Glickman, Ph.D.—Podium presentation on “Methods to Characterize Operational Impacts of Penetrating High Power Radiofrequency Exposures”
  • MS1 Caroline Zhu—Podium presentation on “Would Pre-hospital Whole Blood Transfusion Improve Mortality in Severely Injured Patients”
  • Casey Stroud, Ph.D, Alan Peterson, Ph.D., and Brian Moore, student—Poster presentations: Dr. Stroud: Patterns of Acute Stress Disorder & Impact of Neuospsychiatric Symptoms in a Sample of Blast Injured Military Service Members : A Latent Profile Analysis,” Brian Moore: “Deployed Military Medics: Impact of Combat & Healthcare Trauma Exposure”
  • Leonid Bunegin B.Sc., and Rafael Veraza, student —Poster presentation on“A Novel, Portable, Combat Ready Device for Limb Recovery and Preservation: The Universal Limb Stasis System for Extended Storage”
  • Vaida Glatt, Ph.D.—Poster presentation on “Managing the Ultrastructural Characteristics of Fracture Hematoma using a Snake Venom derived Enzyme: A Novel Therapeutic Option for the Management of Segmental Bone Defects”
  • James Lechleiter, Ph.D.—Poster presentation on “Modeling of Repetitive Blast Injury Reveals Early Seizures in Mice”
  • Liliana Espinoza, B.S., and Mark Shapiro, Ph.D.—Poster presentation on “Augmenting KCNQ M-Current as a Preventative for Cerebral Damage and Cognitive Dysfunction After Acute Brain Injury”
  • Andrew Meyer, M.D.—Poster presentation on “Cell Mediated Thrombosis in an Ex Vivo Model & Clinical Study of Extracorporeal Life Support “
  • Susanna Nicholson M.D.—Podium presentation on “Does Blood Transfusion Preserve the Gut Microbiome After Trauma: A Prospective, Clinical Study in Severely Injured Patients”
  • Guanshi Zhang, Ph.D.—Poster presentation on ‘Multi-Omics in Precision Medicine for Metabolic Health: Identification of Biomarkers for Disease Conditions’

Byron Hepburn, M.D., director of the Military Health Institute, attended multiple meetings to enhance future collaborations with other institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, University of Pittsburgh and Uniformed Services University, among others.

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