UTHSC professor wins award from American Dental Association


San Antonio (Oct. 28, 2003) – Spencer Redding, D.D.S.,  professor in the general dentistry department at The  University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio  (UTHSC), will receive a Golden Apple award for  outstanding  mentoring of dental students interested in  academic careers  at the postdoctoral level. Dr. Redding is  the first person to  receive a Golden Apple award from the  American Dental Association (ADA) for this category.

“When I saw this award I thought that Spencer really fit the bill,” said Ernie Luce, D.D.S., clinical associate professor in general dentistry at the UTHSC. Dr. Luce, who has known Dr. Redding since 1985, nominated him for the award. “He was most instrumental in guiding me into an academic career,” Dr. Luce said. Dr. Redding, also the director of the clinical research facility in the Dental School, will receive his award tonight at a San Antonio District Dental Society meeting that will be held in the Dental School cafeteria.

The ADA presents 10 Golden Apple awards in different categories to outstanding dental society programs and individuals every year. The ADA is a professional association of dentists that works toward promoting the public’s oral health as well as advances in science.

Dr. Redding received his bachelor of science from Davidson College and a doctorate in dental surgery from the University of North Carolina. He then received a master’s degree in education from the University of New Orleans. Dr. Redding received the 2003 Department of Hospital Dentistry Recognition and the Larry Chasko Award from the American Association of Hospital Dentists. He has been a guest lecturer at many events, including an annual session for the ADA and annual sessions for the Academy of General Dentistry. His clinical research focuses on the diagnosis and management of oral candidiasis, a common fungal infection in immunosuppressed patients.

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