UTPD provides guidance about suspicious packages on campus

The UT Police Department has been made aware of suspicious letters and packages that members of our campus community have recently received. Though these parcels did not contain any direct threats to our community, UTPD would like to take this opportunity to remind faculty, staff and students about what to look for.

Some characteristics of a suspicious letter or package include:

  • Letter or package is unexpected.
  • Excessive postage.
  • Handwritten and/or incomplete addresses.
  • No return addresses.
  • Misspelled words or scrawled writing.
  • Unknown substances on exterior.
  • Rigid, bulky or uneven package.

What to do if you encounter a suspicious package:

  • Do not open or attempt to open parcel.
  • Leave parcel where it is, making note of its descriptive characteristics.
  • Calmly leave the area and notify those around you of the suspicious package.
  • After removing yourself from the area notify the UT Police Department.
  • If you handled the package, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

This notice is intended to create a general awareness level around suspicious packages.

The UT Health San Antonio Police Department is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact the department by dialing 210-567-2800 or 911 for emergencies. UT Health San Antonio police can also be contacted through the UT Health SAfe mobile safety app, available for free download for Apple and Android users.

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