Want to place an ad in our Marketplace? Here’s what you need to know

UT Health San Antonio’s intranet, My UT Health, features Marketplace, the spot for faculty, staff, students and residents to buy, sell and shop. The site currently features an array of games, jewelry, clothing, furniture, appliances and event tickets.

Policies and guidelines have been established to comply with our status as a state agency and for matters of fairness and balance. For example, no advertising will be accepted for alcohol or tobacco products, for weapons or for political campaigns. Importantly, Marketplace is not to be used for commercial purposes such as an ongoing business or service meant to generate income for the advertiser. Advertisers may post no more than three ads at any given time.

Marketplace is a free service. But before placing an ad, please familiarize yourself with guidelines and restrictions.

Go to My UT Health and scroll down to the widget titled, you guessed it, Marketplace. After you’re on the Marketplace page, review the Ad policy on the left. Ads that violate established policies are subject to removal without notice.

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