Water outage impacts a few buildings on Long Campus July 24-25

UT Health Facilities Management has scheduled an impairment of the domestic water system providing water to the Medical School Building, Holly Auditorium and AAB beginning at 8 p.m., Friday, July 24, through 8 a.m., Saturday, July 25.

The dates and times were selected in an effort to minimize impact to building occupants and provide time for labs to complete daily lab sample processing.

The purpose of this impairment is to make repairs to one of the Medical School Building’s fire suppression system pumps.

While these repairs are being made, an additional control valve will be added so that future repairs to the fire suppression system won’t require impairment of the domestic water system.

During the impairment, there will be no domestic hot or cold water.  Restrooms, lavatories, drinking fountains, ice machines, eyewashes and safety showers will not function.

Additionally and during the impairment, there will be a limited supply of reverse osmosis water and soft water and there will be no ability to regenerate these types of water during the impairment.

No other buildings will be impacted on the Long Campus, Greehey/North Campuses, Texas Research Park, the PARC, UT Plaza or UT Health Hill Country.

Should you have any questions, before and during the water outage, please contact Jennifer Johnson (johnsonj9@uthscsa.edu) at 210-567-2883.

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