Wi-Fi access points increased across campus


To continue improvements in the Wi-Fi network on campus, more than 300 new Wi-Fi access points are being installed in multiple areas throughout the campus to extend and strengthen Wi-Fi signal and improve connectivity in targeted areas.

The addition of more access points — or network devices that bridge wired and wireless networks — began in December 2023 and will continue through January.

This investment for enhanced connectivity helps to ensure seamless access to online resources for efficient learning and extends Wi-Fi coverage to all key areas used by students including classrooms, lecture halls, libraries and study/collaboration spaces. Users should see improvements immediately as these access points are installed, and reports of improved speed and connectivity are already being received.

An example of the flyers, banners and stickers with QR code surveys that can be found in targeted areas throughout campus.

Students are encouraged to provide real-time feedback to support improvements to Wi-Fi connectivity. Look for a QR code on flyers, banners and small, square stickers posted around campus in targeted areas. Scanning the QR code will take you to a very brief survey where you can report connectivity issues in seconds. This feedback will help the university’s comprehensive effort to improve Wi-Fi connectivity for students and all users on campus.



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