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Want to improve brain health at midlife? Eat more omega-3s.

"Whereas prior studies have looked at this association in older populations, we now know that — even at younger ages — a diet that includes some omega-3 fatty acids protects the brain." — Claudia Satizabal, PhD, population health sciences, Biggs Institute for Alzheimer’s at UT Health San Antonio

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Ramachandran presents vision for the School of Public Health during inaugural talk

On Sept. 21, Vasan Ramachandran, MD, founding dean of The University of Texas School of Public Health San Antonio, presented, “Vision for the School of Public Health, a collaboration between UT Health San Antonio and UTSA.”


Health Care

Trial shows bionic pancreas improves type 1 diabetes management compared to standard insulin delivery methods

A device known as a bionic pancreas, which uses next-generation technology to automatically deliver insulin, was more effective at maintaining blood glucose (sugar) levels within normal range than standard-of-care management among people with type 1 diabetes, a new multicenter clinical trial has found.


Dozens more genes linked with stroke; potential drug targets identified

Researchers from UT Health San Antonio are part of an international team that discovered 61 additional genetic loci associated with stroke and six genes that are potential targets for drug therapy to prevent or treat stroke.


10 organizations join Health Confianza’s Health Literacy Pledge Program

Health Confianza, a communitywide effort providing health literacy training and education to the community, professionals and organizations, has welcomed 10 local organizations to its Health Literacy Pledge Program.

Image of androgen receptor studied in prostate cancer

How do we make lives better?

Researchers use the region’s first cryo-electron microscopy technology to discover paths to novel drug therapies for fighting diabetes, obesity, heart attack, stroke, dementia and cancer.

We Can Stop the Spread

Now is not the time to let down our guard. Simple behaviors can keep us all safe from COVID-19.

Twenty-Four Seven: A podcast about caregiving

The Texas Public Radio podcast, “Twenty-Four Seven: A Podcast About Caregiving,” presents a thoughtful and helpful tool offering guidance to families and friends with loved ones experiencing dementia. In season three, host and longtime NPR journalist Kitty Eisele explores the importance of how caregivers are portrayed in popular culture. The podcast is proudly sponsored by The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and its Biggs Alzheimer’s Institute.

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