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San Antonio Express-News: ‘We’re poised to do it’: University Hospital to perform double lung transplants for COVID-19 patients with irreversible lung damage

October 26, 2020

Dr. Edward Sako, Cardiothoracic Surgery, tells the San Antonio Express-News that the University Transplant Center is on the cusp of performing the complex surgery of double lung transplants for COVID-19 patients with irreversible lung damage. Read the story.

Viral ‘molecular scissor’ is next COVID-19 drug target

October 22, 2020

American and Polish scientists, reporting the journal Science Advances, laid out a novel rationale for COVID-19 drug design – blocking a molecular “scissor” that the virus uses for virus production and to disable human proteins crucial to the immune response.

National Geographic: ‘Super antigens’ tied to mysterious COVID-19 syndrome in children

October 22, 2020

Dr. Alvaro Moreira, Neonatology, is quoted in this National Geographic story regarding a study by his team on “super antigens” that are tied to a mysterious COVID-19 syndrome in children, following the coronavirus inhabiting the gut; see link at “early signs” in the third paragraph. Read the story.

KSAT 12: San Antonio doctor stresses importance of routine mammograms during pandemic

October 22, 2020

Dr. Kate Lathrop, Medical Oncology/Mays Cancer Center, speaks to audiences of KSAT 12 TV during this Breast Cancer Awareness month, stressing the safety of doctors’ office visits and the importance of routine mammograms during the pandemic. Read and watch the story.

WebMD: Many baby boomers not tested for hep C despite risk

October 22, 2020

Dr. Waridibo Allison, Infectious Diseases, is quoted in this story about a WebMD survey that shows despite the CDC recommendation that every baby boomer be screened for hepatitis C that many aren’t. Read the story. 

The Texan: Texas Receives $104 Million Federal Grant to Fight Opioid Epidemic

October 22, 2020

Jennifer Potter, PhD, MPH, and the $12 million grantt she received to fight the opioid epidemic, are mentioned in this story. Dr. Potter is a professor of psychiatry, vice dean for research in the School of Medicine and associate vice president for South Texas Public Health Initiatives. Read the story.