Long School of Medicine

KTSA: CDC guidelines on COVID-19 transmission

October 8, 2020

Dr. Fred Campbell, Hospital and General Medicine, answered listeners’ questions on KTSA radio’s Jack Riccardi Show, focusing on the CDC’s revised guidelines on how COVID-19 spreads, reassuring the public that rare occurrences of transmission, due to poorly ventilated and enclosed spaces, often involve activities that caused heavier breathing, like singing or exercise, and reminding all […]

KENS 5: UT Health San Antonio doctor talks about the warning signs of throat cancer that Eddie Van Halen died from

October 7, 2020

Dr. Jay Ferrell, Otolaryngology, educated viewers about the warning signs of head and neck cancers, who is at risk, and the treatments available after news of the passing of guitar rock icon, Eddie Van Halen, who died of throat cancer at the age of 65. Watch the story.

KVUE TV: ‘Cheers!’ Gov. Abbott tweets more openings on the way. Could bars be next?

October 7, 2020

Dr. Jan Patterson, Infectious Diseases, advised that it’s important for people to follow safety protocols in restaurants and bars, where people tend to be in close contact and not everyone is wearing a mask at all times. Watch the story.

Flu shots are crucial during COVID-19 pandemic

October 6, 2020

Ramon Cancino, MD, MS, FAAFP, director of the Primary Care Center for UT Health Physicians, explains the importance of getting the flu vaccine during the COVID-19 pandemic and how you can avoid potentially contracting both the flu and the coronavirus at the same time. Learn more about our “We Can Stop the Spread” public education […]

KSAT 12: UT Health San Antonio physician develops device to relieve hiccups

October 6, 2020

Dr. Ali Seifi, a neuro-intensive care physician, was featured in a story on KSAT 12’s GMSA at 9 about the device he developed to stop hiccups called HiccAway. Watch the story.

KSAT 12: UT Health San Antonio medical students promote voter registration as part of a “Healthy Democracy”

October 5, 2020

UT Health San Antonio medical students participated in an initiative to increase voter participation in the health care industry, as well as make voter registration a routine part of patient care. The students registered health care workers and patients to vote. Read and watch the story.