Express-News: Memorial honors individuals who donate bodies

April 17, 2016

An Airlife helicopter performs a flyover during a memorial which honors individuals who donated their bodies to the University of Texas Health Science Center during the school’s annual ceremony on Wednesday, Apr. 27, 2016. The event honored the human donors used in the education of students at UTHSC and took place at Memorial Park near […]

KENS 5: Fiesta Medal of the Day: UT Teen Health

April 15, 2016

The UT Health Science Center’s UT Teen Health Program’s Fiesta medal for 2016 is a mix of education and celebration.  The program was founded in 2003 and aims to mobilize the community at decreasing the teen birthrate, as well as the repeat birthrate. Watch the full story at KENS 5

San Antonio Business Journal: Biotech firm seeking more funding to advance lead drug

April 15, 2016

Rapamycin Holdings Inc. is seeking to raise $2 million in short-term financing in advance of its planned launch of a Series B fundraising round. The new quest for cash comes as the San Antonio-based drug development company continues advance plans to commercialize its lead drug candidate, eRapa-NP2g, for animal and human use. Read the full […]