Be Well Texas provides a Lyft to patients with substance use disorders

February 2, 2023

A patient with a substance use disorder in a rural town outside Houston recently needed lab work done before she could be prescribed medication for her treatment. But she didn’t have a ride to the lab. Not a problem, as it turned out. Be Well Texas, a program of UT Health San Antonio that treats […]

Alzheimer’s disease clinical trial seeks 21 area volunteers

January 31, 2023

Study will evaluate senolytics — drugs that clear defective ‘zombie’ cells A clinical trial conducted at UT Health San Antonio aims to “stomp” out Alzheimer’s disease. Clearing old, damaged “zombie” cells from the brain may be one way to do it. The study, called SToMP-AD (Senolytic Therapy to Modulate the Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease), seeks 21 San […]

Myth or fact? Test your knowledge of the brain and learn ways to keep your brain healthy

January 27, 2023

By Arash Salardini, MD, Neurology, Glenn Biggs Institute The brain is among the most complex organs in the human body. As the body’s command center, it controls our memories, emotions, thoughts, movements, vision, motor skills, the processes that regulate our bodies and the attributes that make each one of us unique. Given its complex job, […]