A naturally occurring alternative to antibiotics?

San Antonio Medical Foundation-funded research provides key assistance.

August 30, 2023

Phages, which live in the digestive tract, could treat bacterial infections if issues impacting effectiveness are solved. Research at UT Health San Antonio and UTSA is doing just that. Could beneficial viruses that live in the gut replace or supplement antibiotics to treat bacterial infections such as meningitis, botulism and E. coli? Researchers from The […]

Immunization guide: For all life stages

August 29, 2023

  Vaccinations are critical in maintaining health throughout all phases of life. From early childhood to old age, immunizations guard against several vaccine-preventable infections. Click here to read this immunization guide for recommended vaccines and their significance for diverse life stages. This article is featured in the San Antonio Express-News’ San Antonio Life: Wellness section […]

Toxic molds, fossil fuels, antibiotics linked chemical intolerance

August 25, 2023

In national survey, thousands recall initial exposures that led to spiral of sensitivities What initiates chemical intolerance (CI)? In a newly released survey of thousands of U.S. adults, respondents most frequently cited exposures to biological sources, such as mold and algae “blooms,” and/or fossil fuels, their combustion products and synthetic chemical derivatives such as pesticides, plastics and persistent organic pollutants. Participants were queried about antibiotic use, as well. According to the […]