MedPage: APHINITY and ATEMPT: Treating Early-Stage HER2+ Breast Cancer

February 13, 2020

Virginia Kaklamani, M.D., discusses the findings of new clinical trial data presented at the 2019 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

Rivard Report: SA team aiming for improved sepsis therapies receives grant

February 12, 2020

A team of researchers was awarded a grant to study sepsis, which contributes to a third of all hospital deaths in the United States.

KENS 5: Why clinical trials about cancer are so important in San Antonio

February 12, 2020

UT Health San Antonio Mays Cancer Center currently has more than 180 clinical trials.

San Antonio Partnership for Precision Therapeutics awards inaugural research funding

February 11, 2020

Leaders of the newly-established San Antonio Partnership for Precision Therapeutics (SA PPT) have awarded the partnership’s first research grant. The team, led by Principal Investigator Dr. Madesh Muniswamy of UT Health San Antonio, is studying the cause, prevention and treatment of multi-organ failure during sepsis.

Texas Public Radio: Cancer is the leading cause of death for Hispanics in the U.S.

February 11, 2020

Amelie Ramirez, Dr.P.H., professor and chair of the Department of Population Health Sciences and director of the Institute for Health Promotion Research at UT Health San Antonio, and Kate Lathrop, M.D., assistant professor of hematology/oncology at UT Health San Antonio and a care provider in the breast cancer program at the Mays Cancer Center, were […]

News 4: Despite concern about coronavirus, doctors reiterate flu is a bigger threat

February 10, 2020

The CDC suggests that the flu remains a bigger threat to Americans than the coronavirus.