San Antonio Express-News: Post-COVID syndrome damages some kids’ hearts

September 9, 2020

The inflammatory condition in children caused by a delayed effect of the coronavirus likely will require lifelong monitoring in some cases because of injury it can inflict to the patient’s cardiovascular system, according to a Houston-led study. Alvaro Moreira, MD, MSc, a neonatologist and an assistant professor of pediatrics in the Joe R. and Teresa […]

Post-COVID syndrome hits kids’ hearts

September 4, 2020

Multisystem inflammatory syndrome damages the heart to such an extent that some children will need lifelong monitoring and interventions.

CNN: Growing up in a violent environment is likely to lead to accelerated aging and disease risk, new review of studies shows

August 3, 2020

Amy Garrett, PhD, assistant professor of radiology and psychiatry and director of the neuroimaging core for the Department of Psychiatry, was interviewed as an outside expert to provide context in this story about a new study that suggests experiencing adversity early in life is likely to make children reach puberty more quickly, increase cellular aging […]

Power outage: Research offers hint about heart weakness in Barth syndrome

July 1, 2020

Barth syndrome is a rare condition that occurs almost exclusively in males. Symptoms include an enlarged and weakened heart. The condition is present at birth or becomes evident early in life. Life expectancy is shortened and there is no treatment. The laboratory of Madesh Muniswamy, PhD, in the Long School of Medicine, found a clue […]