Cardiovascular Disease

S.A. partners offer lifesaving surgery to needy Yucatan children

June 7, 2005

Children have the faces of angels, whether they are laughing or in tears, sleeping or awake, clean or covered with food. Certainly there is nothing sadder in this world than seeing the face of an angel who is desperately ill.

2005 Mini-Medical School continues: Dr. Hays is speaker on May 9

May 3, 2005

Women run greater risk of not having their heart disease diagnosed, because their symptoms may be more subtle than those commonly seen in men and their underlying disease is therefore not as easy to detect.

‘Localized heart attack’ helps man get his 2nd wind

March 29, 2005

James A. Bernal, 45, once made the city of Schertz’s streets and parks safer and more beautiful.

Historic Palmaz Stent® displayed at Smithsonian

November 4, 2003

The world’s most successful medical device, the Palmaz Stent®, was part of a special presentation this fall at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.