Improved junk email filtering

A previous communication shared the information regarding a change in Office 365 email servers that would potentially result in more junk email on a temporary basis. There was a concern during the transition that legitimate emails would be sent to the Junk Email folder, so the filtering feature was delayed. The back-end tuning of spam filters is now complete, and Information Management and Services (IMS) has scheduled the automated junk email filtering feature to be turned on the weekend of Sept. 25.

For many, Microsoft Outlook is already moving messages to the Junk Email folder, so this change should not result in much difference. However, for some, junk messages are currently landing in their inbox. In this case, those messages will go to the Junk Email folder automatically after the scheduled upgrade.

In either case, it is important that you check the Junk Email folder periodically for any legitimate messages that may inadvertently land there.

If you currently have a rule for processing messages based on the “[SPAM]” subject line tag, you should disable or delete that rule after Sept. 25, as it will be superfluous.

You can manage some junk mail settings locally, such as creating allowed or blocked sender lists. More information on managing your junk mail settings is available at the following links based on which version of Outlook is used:

PC (Windows)

Mac (Outlook on the web)

As a reminder, the Outlook Focused Inbox feature has options to help you manage those spam messages that may get past the servers. You can right-click on any message in your inbox and scroll down to select “Ignore” or “Junk,” or block certain senders from within the “Junk” option. In addition, there is also the ability to identify a suspicious email with the “Phish Alert” option. Using these options allows your Outlook to learn certain senders and classify the incoming mail. The option to establish rules for certain chronic spam messages will remain.

Our IMS resources, with both technical tools and human teams, protect our university by blocking thousands of junk, spam, phishing and malicious emails daily, helping to reduce both frustration and risk. This upgrade to Office 365 email servers is another step in improving service in this vital communication toolset.

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