‘Everything I do, I’ve done for my son’

May 4, 2023

Graduating School of Nursing student sets inspirational example A single mother, Patricia De La Cruz had to overcome significant hurdles before applying to nursing school. Living in a new country, she needed to learn English, take prerequisite courses and learn to drive. It was a steep climb, but she reached a major peak when she […]

Joining the ranks of the frontline heroes

May 4, 2023

Madison StJohn discovered the respiratory care profession while watching news coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic. In those reports, StJohn heard respiratory therapists described as “frontline heroes” in the medical response to the pandemic that flooded hospitals with patients, many of whom needed mechanical ventilation support provided by specially trained respiratory therapists. “Respiratory therapists are the […]

LSOM graduate’s tenacity, family support helps her to finish line

April 18, 2023

It was the second year of medical school, and after months of isolation from COVID-19 restrictions, Victoria Garza was finishing up her last preclinical course and beginning to prepare for the first of her board exams when she was struck with debilitating panic attacks. “The panic attacks began suddenly, would last all day and continued […]

Dental graduate embraces life’s redirection

April 12, 2023

Adrian Alanis, a senior dental student, subscribes to the notion that the path to success is never a smooth, straight line. Instead, the journey is full of peaks and valleys that take persistence, determination and maybe even a bit of serendipity to navigate.