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New film depicts the importance of end-of-life decisions

April 12, 2010

“Advance Directives,” a short film about two young adults and their differing approaches to end-of-life decisions, premieres in San Antonio just ahead of National Healthcare Decisions Day.

A drug that extends life span prevents Alzheimer’s deficits

April 12, 2010

If research results continue to be repeated and are turned into clinical trials, a drug already approved for some uses could be marshaled — sooner than we expect — to prevent Alzheimer’s disease in humans and improve health to the end of life.

Research, supported by Voelcker Fund, explains why some human lymphomas can be deadly

April 9, 2010

Annually 30,000 Americans are diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, a type of cancer of the lymphatic system. Approximately half will die of this disease despite the latest, state-of-the-art treatment.

CTRC study is testing viral therapy for lung cancer

April 9, 2010

A virus that destroys cancer cells but leaves normal cells unharmed may offer hope to those affected by one of the most deadly forms of lung cancer, according to investigators from the Cancer Therapy & Research Center (CTRC) at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

‘Eternity Soup’ author to read excerpts April 12 in honor of Barshop Institute

April 6, 2010

Arlan G. Richardson, Ph.D., director of the Barshop Institute, will welcome nationally known writer Greg Critser, who in January 2010 published “Eternity Soup: Inside the Quest to End Aging.”

Conference spotlights community service by Health Science Center students

April 6, 2010

Hundreds of students from The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio devote thousands of hours to serving their community each year.

UT Health Science Center to host seminar on elder financial abuse

March 29, 2010

What do lawyers, police officers and health professionals have in common? They are in a position to see financial abuse of elders and to do something about it.

For National Doctors’ Day, Health Science Center physicians visit schools across San Antonio, Harlingen

March 26, 2010

They will speak to nearly 4,000 young people in hopes of encouraging the next generation of medical doctors

In “Conversations About Ethics” lecture, prominent end-of-life specialist speaks on dying well

March 24, 2010

“Through the End of Life” is the third lecture in the “Conversations About Ethics” series organized by the Center for Medical Humanities & Ethics at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

UT Health Science Center San Antonio Regional Campus to host conference on aging

March 23, 2010

The UT Health Science Center San Antonio School of Health Professions is sponsoring a seminar for physicians, nurses, professional caregivers and families who provide care for the elderly called “Healthier, Happier, Stronger…Longer: Issues in Aging for Health Providers, Families and Caregivers.”

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