Harvard, Tulane students learn environmental links to medicine in Laredo

February 7, 2006

Nine students from the Harvard University School of Public Health and one from the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine visited Laredo in January as part of an environmental medicine program offered by the Health Science Center and a host of Laredo partners.

Study examines brain’s complex activity in thirst, pain

February 7, 2006

When we are thirsty, we are more sensitive to pain. Now a new study conducted in San Antonio and Australia shows why – the brain activates differently when we are both thirsty and in pain than when we are thirsty alone or in pain alone.

Study: Newer antibiotic more effective at treating elders’ pneumonia

January 24, 2006

A newer antibiotic medication proved more effective at knocking out community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) in patients 65 and older than the antibiotic that has been the front-line CAP treatment the last decade, according to a national study coordinated at the Health Science Center.